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This e-book will lead you through all the steps from starting a business and getting started on Youtube to marketing your channel, creating multiple income streams, and more.

A real-world, adult approach to Youtube
I know you’re feeling the heat when it comes to working that 9-5. You might have been thinking of quitting so many times, but you haven’t actually pushed yourself to do so. 

If you want to find a sideline that you can turn into a full-time job – a job where you can work for yourself, this e-book will give you the steps you need to realize your goals. This book will show you step by step how to become successful on Youtube to the point where you can eventually quit your job.

It’s something I already did. And now I am going to give you the tools you need to do so yourself. Of course, they’re just the tools – so, you’ll have to actually put in the work.
Learn Unique Tips And Tricks I Used To Triple My Income
Can you imagine? Viewers watch 1 billion hours of YouTube daily! The YouTube platform represents a popular entertainment channel and powerful moneymaker for personal brands and entrepreneurs. If you want to make money on YouTube, you can realize your goals, starting now.

This e-book will lead you through all the steps to get started. It will prepare you to choose a niche, target an audience, learn how to monetize your channel, and give you all the important details to begin a financially and personally rewarding venture. Use this book as your go-to reference for Everything YouTube!

meet the master behind the book
Ashley Parke
I wrote this book to give others an opportunity to experience the freedom I enjoy everyday.

I remember hating to have to go into the office. I was depressed and always anxious. I would come home drained, exhausted, and many nights would even cry because I had to do it all over again the next day. I felt trapped with no way out.

And then, I found Youtube. If you feel like how I felt, believe me, there's a way out. If I can I do, then I know you can.
Have you been wasting away in your corporate job?
Do You Feel Unfulfilled By Your career?
would you like to earn passive income?

Become a YouTube Partner and get monetized
Create sponsored content
Make money with affiliate marketing
Create income streams surrounding Youtube

What it takes to succeed on YouTube
How to stay focused on developing your business
How to develop and share your talents on YouTube
How to read the platform, analyze results, and keep current with new features to stay ahead of the curve
How to capitalize on your influence

HERE is some of what

CHAPTER 01: Preparation for the Anticipated YouTube Channel

  •  Can I still be successful on Youtube: In 2021, quarterly YouTube ad revenue is over $5 billion, and these numbers continue to be on the rise as technology advances and more opportunities arise....(pg. 4)
  • ​Prepare to work: You cannot treat this as just a hobby or a side hustle. Yes, it can be based around your hobby, but this is your business.....(pg. 5)
  • Gather your resources: Determine what your budget is. How much can you spend per week/month? It is important to gather all this information be....(pg. 6)
  • Your support system: Do not assume that support only comes in the form of money or that you always have to pay for things in cash. Support can come in....(pg. 6)
  • ​How will I monetize: There are many ways to monetize your channel, even if you are a small Youtuber. Here are some of the ways that YouTubers, like me, monetize and make additional income through our channels.....(pg. 9)

CHAPTER 02: Setting Up Your Business

  • Resources to Start a Business: It's simple and straightforward to start a business. With enough research you can do the process completely by yourself, but here are some resources that you can use....(pg. 10)
  • Why You Need a Custom Domain Website, Email Address, and Phone Number: Does anyone know anything about you? Do they ask you lots of questions? Want to give your audience a bit more information? How about having something out there that shows you’re an authority in the subject of your YouTube Channel....(pg. 11)
  • Setting Up Your Payment Channels: You will need somewhere for all of that money you’re going to make to go. That means looking into all of the payment options available and going with which ones might be the best choices for you....(pg. 12)
  • ​Paypal: There are tons of payment gateways and services to accept payments but you will absolutely need a Paypal account....(pg. 12)

CHAPTER 03: Getting Started On Youtube

  • Choose a Name for Your Channel: Use your own name. This is the easiest way to go about it and here’s why I recommend this method....(pg. 13)
  • Setting up your profile: Keep all of your colors, watermarks, fonts, and other graphic styles consistent across all platforms!....(pg. 14)
  • Your banner: When someone comes to your profile, your banner needs to tell a story about who you are, what your channel is about, and what they can expect from you.....(pg. 14)
  • ​Youtube features: YouTube comes with a lot of features to make things a bit more personalized to the channel. One of those things is having a custom URL for your channel.....(pg. 14)

CHAPTER 04: Shooting and Editing Your Videos

  • Organizing and planning: You MUST organize and plan before you start shooting your videos. You will find that....(pg. 16)
  • Opening intro: Your opening intro is the first 5-10 seconds of your video. In the first 5-10 seconds, you should grab your viewer’s attention while summarizing what you’re going to talk about in the video. ....(pg. 17)
  • Introduction: In just about every video, you want to tell the viewer who you are, what kind of videos you create, and how often you upload......(pg. 18)
  • Engagement: The Youtube algorithm rewards engagements. Likes, dislikes, comments, and shares count as engagement......(pg. 19)
  • ​Cards:  A great technique you want to always use is mentioning another relevant video in your cards....(pg. 20)
  • ​Note: Always treat each viewer with the utmost respect. Whether you have one subscriber or one million, give them the same level of quality...(pg. 26)
  • ​Use B Roll: Be observant of areas in your video where your viewer can possibly get bored. Use cuts to keep your viewers interested...(pg. 27)

CHAPTER 05: Uploading Your Videos: Optimize for Growth and Ranking on YouTube

  • Youtube SEO: When it comes to YouTube SEO, you must use keywords throughout your content. Finding the perfect keywords is the key. Incorporate these tips into your SEO strategy and in planning and creating your videos....(pg. 29)
  • Advanced description techniques: Your description should summarize your video while also including the keywords you want to rank for. Make sure to accomplish this within the first 2-3 sentences ....(pg. 30)
  • Boost Your SEO with Closed Captioning: Closed captioning is something not many people think about. However, if you include or offer this, along with different languages, you’re going to end up getting more viewers from this......(pg. 31)
  •  Show Up in ‘Recommended Videos’: If you follow all of these SEO steps consistently, along with having engagement on your channel through likes, views, subscribers, and comments, this is going to help you boost your ratings and put you on the recommended videos list....(pg. 32)

CHAPTER 06: Grow Your Channel | Marketing, Promotion and Advertisement

  • How to Get Your 1st 100 Subscribers: I remember when I was just starting and trying to get my first 100 subscribers. It felt like the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Before I knew it, I had thousands of subscribers. Here are some things I did and things you can do to jumpstart your channel.....(pg. 34)
  • Quality subscribers: The goal is to acquire great quality subscribers that actually want to watch your content. The reason for this is Youtube actually penalizes you for every person that is a subscriber but doesn’t actually watch your content.....(pg. 34)
  • Social media: Pinterest is my number one source of growth outside of Youtube.......(pg. 35)
  • ​The Many ways to Advertise Your Channel: Advertising your channel is also a must. You are not going to be able to get subscribers, or even views, if you’re not pushing your videos and putting them in front of people, even if it costs.....(pg. 40)
  • ​Latest features: YouTube is always changing the ways that they do things. The Youtube algorithm is ever-changing and due to this, it is important to keep up-to-date with these changes and updates.....(pg. 42)

Chapter 07: Monetization & Diversifying Strategies

  • Youtube Partner Status: An unwritten, but general measure, is to expect to reach monetization once you’ve uploaded about 100 videos......(pg. 42)
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest and most known ways to earn income from your YouTube efforts. Many YouTubers take this route because you can gain a lot in return when you do. The great thing about affiliate marketing is you can make money through affiliate links no matter how many subscribers you have.....(pg. 43)
  • Choose Your Affiliate: There are several affiliates that you can work with, and you don’t even have to stick with just one if you don’t want to. Here are some of the affiliates that I’ve either worked with or have known others who have......(pg. 44)
  • ​Getting sponsors: Lots of people wonder if you need to have a lot of subscribers in order to qualify or to even ask for a sponsorship. You don’t need some ridiculous number, either....(pg. 46)
  • ​How to contact brands: Contacting a brand is as simple as it sounds. What you say in your message is what really matters.....(pg. 48)

Chapter 08: Staying Motivated | When To Leave To Your Job

  • Overcome YouTuber Burn Out : Youtuber burnout is real. Make sure you pace yourself and know how to recognize burnout, so you can stay away from it. ...(pg. 54)
  • Celebrate All of Your Little Wins: Any win is a win and something you want to feel good about. Any progress is progress......(pg. 54)
  • Keep things in perspective: When you do reach success, you must remain humble and always keep things in perspective. Don’t get too caught up by the follower count, statistics, and accolades.......(pg. 55)
  • Preparing to quit: Quitting your job to chase your dreams or to become an entrepreneur is probably the hardest, scariest thing someone that comes from working a 9-5 their whole life can do. So what are some signs that it’s OK to quit your job? How do you know if you’re ready?....(pg. 56)
Do you want to take control of your life?
do you want to free up your time to do the things that matter to you most?

This ebook details everything I did and am still doing to grow my Youtube business. I'm sharing this for the 1st time at a discounted rate, Get it before it's TOO LATE

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